Unlike other pumping systems that require a tank ad  pump to discharge the water and waste from a toilet, tub /shower and bathroom sink. That requires a 1-1/2 discharge pipe to be run from the pump to the main sewer line. Plus the big disadvantage is having to have the concrete floor in the basement or garage to be cut and dug out for the tank and pump to set in.

With the up flush system there is no cutting the floor for the tank and pump to set in and doesn't require a 1-1/2 discharge pipe to run from the tank to the main sewer line.
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Have you ever wanted to have a bathroom installed in your finished basement but didn't think it couldn't be done or thought it would be too expensive?  Here is the solution that's far less expensive way to have a bathroom in your basement or any other place where you want a bathroom but didn't think it could be done  or was told it couldn't be done.​

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